Senior Ruby on Rails Developers

Monday, 10th of December

Let's celebrate the passing year. We had 13 events, various lectures, foreign guests and a total of 65 kilos of banitsa! 💪

Monday, 26th of November

Just like the snow 🌨, we are back with fresh Banitsa 🥮, new logo and even brighter colors. ❤️

Monday, 21st of May

Today is the Banitsa event without the banitsa. There will be no code show-and-tell or presentations. Today, we'll be talking about the community involvement in Balkan Ruby. If you are a volunteer or are interested in the event, come have a 🍺 with us!

Wednesday, 9th of May

May-day, may-day! Yes, it is an actual day of May and we still haven't announced our next meetup. Surprise 🤬🤬🎉⁉️

Friday, 20th of April

Have you heard of Brownie Points? No? Oh, okay... This was a service that incentives kids to learn math early in their life by rewarding them with proper mobile video games. While its web reboot didn't resonate well with the market, the technical implementation had interesting ideas, I want to show to you.

Tuesday, 13th of March

Happy Baba Marta, Y'all! We're back on track with a lecture about the new Rails-included framework for file uploads called Active Storage. Bring your logos and your good vibes! As always, the banitsa is on us.

Monday, 22nd of January

New year, new banitsa. This time, with fortunes. Fortune banitsa, if you will. Let's celebrate Ruby 2.5.0, life and everything else.