Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Modern Ruby features by Stefan Kanev

Have you ever used Ruby Pattern Matching? You know, the one introduced in "experimentally" Ruby 2.7? How about singe-line pattern matching or right hand assignment? Do you even know that we have endless methods now?

Writing maintainable tests by Ventsislav Nikolov

For our October event, Ventsislav Nikolov will talk about "Writing maintainable tests". Testing, a timeless classic! Hang out with us while we philosophise on testing over greasy, (un)healthy banitsa. ✌️

Side project walkthrough by Radoslav Stankov

Riding on the side project high from August, our September event will be hosted by Radoslav Stankov. We won't be have a talk, this will be an interactive walkthrough of the code for side project. Join us, those sessions are always fun!

Stories from a Side Projecteer. by Georgi Mitrev

For our August meet-up we'll host Georgi Mitrev with a presentation about Stories from a Side Projecteer. Side projects are great! Ruby Banitsa is itself a side project. We all need more side projects so let's talk about them!

Linting Ruby by Genadi Samokovarov

Pandemics come and go but them great events are here to stay! I'm Genadi and I'm super happy to bring Ruby Banitsa back as an in-person event this year. It's been a while.