Tuesday, 12th of December

The last Banitsa was great! We reconciled old friendships, played a bit of yo-yo and a lots of video games. All in all, we had a great time!

There was one thing missing, though – Ruby! We barely talked about it! And we all love it so much, right? So let's talk all the rubies on our next event.

In the search of our one true meetup self, we'll try yet another format...

Yes, mum, events аrе my true calling now. That doesn't mean that software development, philosophy, gardening and music were not. I just don't feel it any more... What do you mean by moving out? Why can't I stay at home now? What kind of job? I had one years ago. Oh no! That's a...

Disaster! You know, the common thing between your code and relationships. I know you deleted your production database. I know you broke the billing during the weekend, just before going out for some socially acceptable fun. I know. It's gonna be alright.

To err is humane; to forgive, divine.

-- Alexander Pope; An Essay on Criticism, Part II; 1711

Disasters happen and dealing with them is an essential skill to apply in our daily jobs. Let's talk about our recent incidents. How did they happen? What we did to fix them? And most importantly... what we did to prevent them in the future.


Puzl CowOrKing at (Sofia)

Go right of the main Lidl store entrance and take the lift to the 4th floor. The hall is to the left of the elevator. The door may be locked, so buzz and someone will open it for you.

bulevard "Cherni Vrah", 47


Disaster Coping by Genadi Samokovarov

A talk about what happens when a disaster strikes – what happened, what we learned and what we applied to prevent those in the future.

In no way a unique story, but one all of us can relate to.