Tourism by Genadi Samokovarov

Like the locust, and the subsequent wave of COVID-19, we have returned! 🐞

Join us on the 1st of March for our very first event of 2021. While traveling the world is still a dream for most of us, Genadi Samokovarov will talk about Tourism, a translation framework built for the on-going Receipt Bank Dext redesign.


What is Tourism? It's a Ruby translation framework that uses Rails-like i18n input to generate type-safe TypeScript and plain JavaScript based translations for your frontend. Tourism also efficiently transmits the translations to the frontend by generating plain JavaScript that the browser can load like a regular script, instead of getting them on-demand through slow (or multiple) API calls that may require heavy parsing in the browsers.

Join us for a talk about code-generation, development experience, type-safety, JSX/HTML support and efficiency.



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