Linting Ruby by Genadi Samokovarov

Pandemics come and go but them great events are here to stay! I'm Genadi and I'm super happy to bring Ruby Banitsa back as an in-person event this year. It's been a while.

Come and join me for a talk about Linting Ruby from.. me, Genadi Samokovarov! Yes I can, and will, talk.

Last week, doing code review, I found a code snippet that should have been auto-corrected by our Rubocop setup. Turns out it was an upstream bug and I fixed it. I've been finding, fixing and introducing problems in Rubocop for a while now and I wanna tell you all about it.

With Linting Ruby, I'll get you up-to-speed on how Ruby is parsed, how Rubocop works and why I love Ruby with all its quirks! We'll talk about Ruby features you never used, yes I'm sure of it, but they do parse, and work! We'll talk about modern Ruby features, philosophise why we don't use them and thinker about how to lint them better. You know, the good things in life!

We'll be in the Barter Community Hub, the Creativity Room. If you can't join us in person, we'll be streaming the talk online.


Linting Ruby

Barter Community Hub

Go to Business Center Vitosha building (not Puzl CowOrKing entrance), head to the elevators and go to the last floor. After exiting the elevator, go up the stairs to the very last floor and enter the cafè. The "Creativity Room" space should be to your right.

bulevard "Cherni Vrah" 47


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