RuboCop's Baddest Cop

If you want to sponsor Genadi's trip to RubyKaigi, you can post a 6-month job offer here and get a "Thank you" over there, in Japan! 🇯🇵


RuboCop's Baddest Cop

Genadi Samokovarov is going to RubyKaigi in Matsumoto, Japan this year and he's going to talk about RuboCop's Baddest Cop; or, how hard it is (was) to enforce method calls without parentheses. But since you're "my kind of people" (наши хора), you'll get to see the very first edition of this talk, right here in Ruby Banitsa! This talk won't be recorded, come and see it live!

Barter Community Hub

Go to Business Center Vitosha building (not Puzl CowOrKing entrance), head to the elevators and go to the last floor. After exiting the elevator, go up the stairs to the very last floor and enter the cafè. The "Creativity Room" space should be to your right.

bulevard "Cherni Vrah" 47



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