Example job posting @rubybanitsa

Do you want to support your local meetup while hiring the best Ruby talent around?

Of course, you do! If you decide to post your job here, you'll be targeting a small, but Ruby savvy crowd! You'll also help cover the costs we have around running the meetup.

What you get?

  • A nice looking job posting with images support and everything you need to promote your brand! 😍
  • Social promotion on our @rubybanitsa Twitter account.
  • Access to a small, but committed Ruby group with a great sense of community! 🙌

What you give?

  • 200 BGN for a month (without VAT, 240 BGN with) or at least 2 Ruby Banitsa events. We'll announce the jobs at the beginning of the event and rotate the current job postings during the munchies breaks we have.
  • Banitsa and beer to the hungry Sofia Rubyists for 2 months!